Kari Kelley

Speaker, Author, Coach

Let Your Past Empower Your Future

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Kari Kelley

By the time Kari Kelley was four years old, she had been adopted twice. The first time was when she was 9 months and then again at age 4.  Within these family situations she encountered unthinkable abuse.

In spite of her suffering and impairment, she turned her childhood ordeal into an opportunity.

Kari discovered a deep inner strength and a purpose.  She chose to inspire and assist people to overcome adversity in their own lives. Kari Kelley, author of ‘Black Blind and Female’ has been a featured speaker, author and vocalist on numerous stages, panels, radio and TV shows. Kari created produced and performed her one woman show “Somebody Else’s Child” in May 2014.

Kari is currently co-hosting “the KNOW show on Radio by Renford with Rev. Robert JV McMillan.

Who Are We?

Kari Kelley is a motivational speaker, author vocalist and a resilient strategist who inspires others to be fabulous, despite their circumstances. In striving to empower others, I hope to stop the vicious cycle of abuse and downward spiraling sense of despair and shame that comes with it.

I am a resilient voice that tells stories of overcoming child abuse. I am a listening ear and a compassionate heart for the approximately 60% of people when never tell anyone about their abuse.

I Provide resources for adult survivors of child abuse that will assist them on the journey of healing